Quality management


Data Processing Center (DPC) of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies is carrying out maintenance of computers and servers used in industrial processes, development of software as well as an operation of corporate and local networks.


We, Data Processing Center state the following policy in the quality field with the view of ensuring real and growing demands of customers in developing and operating corporate and local area networks, websites, software, and maintenance of telecommunications services.

The quality policy is based on unconditional execution standards and provisions of international (ISO 9001:2008) and national standards in providing various telecommunication services.

Taking into account wishes and financial status of each client in providing various services, we undertake the following obligations:

  • To ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients;
  • To realize clients’ needs and demands in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • To provide continuous improvement of the system, carrying out analysis by the management;
  • Constantly study consumer demand better and in accordance with them ahead of rivals to enter the market with new ideas and solutions;
  • To bring our policies to every level and ensure its understanding;
  • To ensure the continued growth and improvement of knowledge of employees, organize periodic trainings to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work;
  • To increase and develop production performances in accordance with today’s requirements;
  • To become a leading enterprise in the use of innovation, information and communication technologies.


In compliance with the relevant orders and instructions of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies as well as on the basis of policies to improve quality in the Data Processing Center, following objectives will be provided in 2013::

1. Maximum expansion of the activity environment of the National Certificate Services Center:

1.1. Expansion of functionality of the national PKI, i.e. public key infrastructure;

1.2. In created information environment, mass use of information and communication technologies by citizens;

1.3. Creation and launching a new website Electronic Signature;

1.4. Creation and launching a website for online registration of e-signature cards by public agencies;

1.5. Creation of card identification and registration centers in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic for issuing e-signature cards;

1.6. Commissioning of mobile authentication service;

1.7. Updating previously issued e-signature certificates for all citizens through terminals installed in the Data Processing Center;

2. Updating of portal "Electronic Government".

2.1. To increase the number of e-services proposed by government agencies on the basis of "single window” on the portal www.e-gov;

2.2. Increase the quality and improve e-services.

2.3. Creating the portal www.e-gov in a new and modified form for users;

2.4. To provide portal www.e-gov with a separate list of e-services which require no special authentication from the user;

2.5. To assist to institutions of local governments in creation of new e-services;

2.6. To assist to business structures with placement of new e-services on the portal www.e-gov

3. Expanding the scope of AzDATACOM network;

3.1 To increase sales of broadband Internet service AzDATACOM and improve the quality of rendered services as part of the State Program "Development of Regions”;

4. Expanding billing systems in the field of software;

4.1 To expand billing system on AzEuroTel LLC and carry out relevant work for mutual calculations with DPC;

4.2 To make necessary changes in the existing software for automatic inclusion of revenues from e-signature services in settlement acts and turnover balance sheet of DPC;

4.3 To improve computer-aided registration systems database and software for collecting public utilities in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic;

5. On state registry of state information resources and information systems for personal data:

5.1. To improve the software of the registry and providing access to the data through portal e-government, using electronic signature;

5.2. Provide information services to government agencies, legal and physical persons through the registry in accordance with the existing Regulations and Rules;

6. Updating the procedure of creating websites in accordance with today’s requirements and introducing them into service:

6.1 To identify methods of audit mechanisms and means from optimization and security point of view;

6.2 To participate in the implementation of large-scale IT projects, expand the scope of services and carry out work to increase revenue;

7. Improvement of public utilities code-telephone database for making payments for utilities through the website rabita.az and increasing revenue in a competitive environment:

8. Improvement of the quality of rendered services and providing their sustainability, taking necessary timely measures to carry out preventive maintenance for all technical equipment that is located on the balance of DPC;

9. Improvement of the system of information security;

10. Organization of electronic paperwork, a system of business correspondence, and e-document circulation.